Any change to the exterior of your home or property requires the approval from the Architectural Committee of the Homeowners Association. Do not confuse this approval with the “Building Permits” that may or may not be required by the City of Indianapolis or Marion County. They are separate entities and we will address each one individually.

Note: Permit Approval from the City or County does not guarantee approval from the Homeowners Association, same as approval from the HOA does not guarantee approval from the City or County. They are separate entities and each requires approved documentation.

Do Not Jeopardize Your Investment by Building Without the Proper Homeowners Association Approval and/or Building Permits!

Download Arch request Form

If you are considering an exterior improvement to your property such as exterior painting, home extension, deck, patio, fence, mailbox, concrete driveway, sidewalks or landscaping, Swing-set or play-set, download and complete the Architectural Change Request form above.

Submit a copy of the form along with:

1. A copy of your plot plan showing the location of your requested improvement

2. A copy of the Permit from the City (if required):

Please let us know if you have any questions!